Accountant Folders

CPA’s can use top quality, professional presentation folders from The Folder Shop in order to present an image of professional, detail-oriented competence.

There are lots of different ways you as a CPA can market yourself. You can write publicity-writing articles, take out ads in the newspaper and the yellow pages, and more.

But let’s talk about your image. There are certain things that you can do-little things-that will enhance your image and make you come across as professional, savvy, up-to-date, and successful. You can get pencils and pens with your name on them. Notebooks, notepads, sticky notes with your name and address will also help. Another thing that you should consider is a high-quality presentation folder customized with your name, the name of your company, your address, website, email, and folder. Having a professional quality and customized folder can do loads for your image. It makes you appear extremely professional. It also gives people the impression that you have things together.

A presentation folder is a great way to give people documents. They’ll keep any documents that you give them in their presentation folder, and they’ll always remember your name and have your contact information close at hand.

Presentation folders are a fantastic idea and do wonders for the image of CPA’s, but they can normally be incredibly expensive. Normally you have to pay hundreds of dollars for an artist to custom design your folder. Then you have to pay even more to have your folder printed. And how are you supposed to make heads or tails of all of the options? You’re a CPA – not a graphic designer! And as a CPA, you’re conscious of the price of everything, and how much you’re getting for each dollar. This is why you need to visit The Folder Store at

The Folder Store is an easy, inexpensive, custom solution that will bring you top-quality, professional custom presentation folders at a fraction of the cost of the regular route. At The Folder Store, you can design the presentation folder of your dreams in just a few easy steps. Here’s how.

  1. Choose your template. How many pocket folders do you want? What size and type of folders? Do you want them reinforced?
  2. Choose your paper. What type do you want? What color?
  3. Design. Do you want a logo on the front? Upload it. Do you want your number printed on the inside? Go for it. On the back instead? Change it in the next step, when you.
  4. Preview your folder. Change whatever you like. Change until you like your final product, and then you simply click.
  5. Order. You’ll receive a proof from a professional artist, and as soon as you approve, then printing begins. You can get your order rushed to you in under seven days, if you need it quickly. And it will still be highest quality, professional-grade, customized presentation folders. And, an item dear to the heart of any CPA, there’s a running price tally that accompanies you as you design, so you know exactly how much you’re spending and why.

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