Ink Swatches

Enhance your presentation folder design by using one or more of our 18 vibrant, standard PMS ink colors. These are our most popular ink colors and account for over 80% of all orders. If you have specific PMS colors or need us to match existing printed materials, we would be more than happy to help you with that. We are a large manufacturer with many years of experience printing folders. We know which inks will work with which papers and we would never allow your order to go to production if we felt it was not going to look exceptional. One of our largest competitors actually asks you to sign off on what you give them because what you give them is what you will get back. Even if it looks like garbage! Why would anyone put up with such awful service? We would never think of doing such a thing to our beloved customers. Let us help you choose the best ink colors for your pocket folders.


Blue PMS 2935

Blue PMS 647

Blue PMS Reflex Blue

Brown PMS 4695

Burgundy PMS 209

Gold PMS 872

Green PMS 3305

Green PMS 347

Green PMS 625

Grey PMS 431

Orange PMS 1655

Purple 2685

Red PMS 185

Silver PMS 877

Tan PMS 464

Violet PMS 667

Yellow PMS 123