Foil Stamp Swatches

Studies consistently show that foil stamped folders have a positive impact on the appeal, expectations, and branding of a product or service. In turn, this additional impact results in increased interest – and sales! Now you can easily and affordably add class to your custom folders with foil stamping.

We have chosen to only display those foils that make up over 80% of all orders we process to keep things simple for you. However, we can and will do just about anything you desire to gain another friend of the business. Simply let us know what you are looking for and we will pull together some options for you. We realize that no two businesses are the same and each has unique needs. So pique your customer’s interest with one (or more) of the popular foils offered below and use our web site to design and get a feel for how your foil-stamped pocket folders will stand out above the rest with sophistication and flair. Let the fun begin!

Gold Foil Metallic

Dull Gold Foil Metallic

Silver Foil Metallic

Dull Silver Foil Metallic

Copper Foil Metallic

Deep Blue Foil Metallic

Burgundy Foil Metallic

Red Foil Metallic

Green Foil Metallic

Black Foil Nonmetallic

White Foil Nonmetallic