Apartment Complex Folders

If you’re managing an apartment complex, create a great image and attract renters by presenting information in customized presentation folders from The Folder Store.

Want to improve your complex?s ability to land new tenants and get higher rent payments? Try using presentation folders!

Apartment complexes are increasingly using presentation folders to present floor plan choices and complex amenities to potential renters / tenants with great success.

Here’s why you should be using presentation folders when marketing your apartment complex to potential renters and tenants. Let’s start with a scenario.

A young couple walks in. They’ve been apartment shopping all day. And all day yesterday. And all day the day before that. They have been dealing with apartment complex managers and owners. They know the drill, they know the pitch. What they want is information up front. They want to know the floor plan choices, they want to know the amenities, they want to know the rates, and they don’t want a sales pitch – they just want the facts.

You?ve known this for years, so you have all of that great information prepared and ready to hand to them. But if you went into the parking lot and looked in the back seat of that couple’s car, you can bet that it would be full of information pages from all of your competitors, all mixed up in a pile.

So how can you stand out?

Try handing them the information about floor plans, complex amenities, and rental rates in a customized presentation folder. Suddenly you’re seen as a manager who actually thinks about potential renters. You’re seen as being considerate. And you have an eye for detail-an important quality in an apartment manager or owner. You have things under control, you know what’s going on, and you are up to the job. The potential renters are impressed. You’ve shown that personal consideration for their needs, and you’ve also just created a fantastic image for yourself.

You’ve also just made sure that your information is the most readily available out of all of those other apartment complex floor plans. With a customized presentation folder, you can put your contact information right on the folder, addresses, phone numbers, other important phone numbers, and more. You’ve just scored a major point in your favor: potential renters will never lose your phone number.

Presentation folders help you create a positive image, setting you above the crowd, and your foot in the door. Do you really need any other reasons to use them?

So, what?s holding you back? Cost and time? You don’t have the time or the money to hire a professional artist to design your folders, to research different printing options, and more. After all, you’ve got a plumbing problem in one of your buildings. That’s why you need The Folder Store at www.thefolderstore.com. In just one easy stop and a few minutes, you’ll get a completely customized, professional, top-quality presentation folder put together for you at one of the lowest prices you’ll find.

Here’s how you easy it is to design the folder of your dreams at The Folder Store:

  1. Pick your template, based on the size of the folder desired, how many pockets you want, where you want them, etc.
  2. Pick your paper. Pick paper based on coating and color.
  3. Design your folder. You get to design the front, the inside pockets, and the back, down to the last detail. And it?s surprisingly simple to do!
  4. Preview your folder. This is when you get to see your final product, and you get to fix it until you’re happy.
  5. Order your folder. You can even have your folders shipped within a week

Top quality pocket folders, in just a few minutes, at a cost you can afford – it?s the perfect solution for busy apartment managers!

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