Attorney Folders

Attorneys who present a more affluent, successful image have higher billing rates, more community involvement and enjoy more success than their peers who are less image conscious. Image is everything when you are selling your expertise and time. Quality, custom presentation folders are a simple, yet highly effective element of creating the right professional image.

One of the biggest challenge for potential clients looking for an attorney is deciding who to hire.  They don’t really know your case record, they don’t know your history, so they’ve got to judge you on something else.

What is that element that will probably drive their decision? They’re going to judge you on your image. If you give the image of being a successful, well-off, highly professional attorney, they people will assume that you’re a great attorney. They’ll be willing to retain your services, to pay you more, and they’ll think well of you. You can never afford to portray the image of a struggling to get off the ground firm (even if you are one!) – you need to have the image of success right away.

There are several ways that you can pull off this image. And most of them have to do with details. Of course you’re going to dress nicely. You?ll have a nice office. And you?ll run your office in a professional manner. And you should have those small amenities-sticky notes, pencils, mugs, etc. that have your name and contact information printed on them. Another highly effective, yet potentially inexpensive and simple way to convey an image of success is by using presentation folders, customized, of course, in your dealings with clients. Presentation of their documents in a presentation folder is a matter of course. It’s a gesture of consideration, and it’s also a gesture of professionalism. Your clients will be impressed, and you’ll be more successful.

So where can you get these pocket folders?  Whether you’re just starting out or you’re established, you still need to be conscious of both price and quality. You could go to your local printer, but then you can?t be sure of either price or quality.

But now there’s one place where you can get both, along with complete customization and professional quality: The Folder Store at

The Folder Store lets you quickly and easily create high-quality presentation folders and then has the design finalized by professional artists. The product can be rushed to you in as little as 7 days after final proof approval.

At The Folder Store you design your top quality, entirely customized folder in just a few easy steps that anyone, and I mean anyone, can do. Here’s how you get your folder.

1. Pick a template. You choose a template based on the pockets you want, where you want them, whether you want them reinforced, etc.

2. Pick a paper. Pick a type of paper, and then pick a color. They’ve got tons to choose from.

3. Design, design, design. You get to design every last aspect of the folder-what you want to appear on it, where you want it to appear, how you want your fonts and your logos to look. You can also upload your company logo and put it on your folder.

4. Preview. Don’t like it? Change it until you do.

5. Order. That’s it. Easy as pie.

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