Bank Folders

Banks need to present an image of strength, security, professionalism, and personal care in order to attract customers. A customized presentation folder from The Folder Store is one of the best ways to give yourself that image.

You’re a banker so you know that banking is not entirely about great interest rates and different amenities that you can give your customers. One major key to success in banking is marketing your programs and your image. If customers aren’t impressed by the image that you present and the feeling that they get, they’re not going to stay long enough to hear about all of the great things that you can offer them. And customers want their banks to be secure, professional, competent, and at the same time friendly and personal.

You might not think of it right off the bat, but a customized presentation folder can help portray that image for you. A presentation folder is one of those details that you don’t think of until someone hands it to you, and then you realize how nice it is. It shows that you’ve thought about the details, an attitude that extends to your business practices. It shows that you’re successful and professional. You’ve obviously done well enough to afford something as customized as a presentation folder. You also care about your customers. It’s a gesture of kindness and thoughtfulness to provide a folder so that your customers and potential customers can keep all of their important documents organized. You’re showing them that you?re not just concerned with making money off of them-you actually want to help them, even when it comes to these small details.

Unfortunately, once you start shopping around for these customized presentation folders you will oftentimes find that prices for quality presentation folders are frequently very high. Plus, not only do you have to pay for the folders themselves, you also have to pay hundreds of dollars for a professional artist to design it.

Fortunately, there’s now a service that can create the image that you want while saving you money and time. The Folder Store is your source for absolutely professional, highest-quality, completely customized, and inexpensive presentation folders.

Plus, since you design your folders yourself, using our quick and easy online tools, you save the hundreds of dollars you would have paid your design firm.

So, now you can afford to do a special folder just for your latest promotion, or for each type of service you offer!

At The Folder Store, you can design the presentation folder of your dreams in just a few easy steps. Whether you are a teller who?s been given an assignment to buy folders for the bank or the bank manager, you can design whatever folder you want in just a few minutes. It’s easy for anyone to design a folder form the Folder Store. Here’s how.

  1. Pick a template.
    What size of folder do you want? How many pockets? Do you want them on both sides? Do you want them reinforced?
  2. Pick a paper.
    What type of paper do you want? The Folder Store offers three different kinds for you to choose from. Then choose your color: white, blue, dark blue, grey, black, whatever color you want, they’ve got it.
  3. Design!
    You can design the front, the inside, and the back however you want. You can choose the font, the ink color, the ink style (whether you want ink or foil).
  4. Preview.
    Look at your design, and change it as many times as you want until you’re happy with it.
  5. Order.
    Before your custom folders are printed, the professional artists at The Folder Store will send you a proof for approval. Plus, orders can be delivered within a week after approval of your proof.

Or, if you have a designer on staff, you can customize your folder even more. Simply download a template, input your design, and then upload it. Call customer service for pricing on custom design and printing. And remember-with The Folder Store, you get to review a proof created by professional artists of your customer design, and you can rush your order to be at your office in a week.

Order customized pocket folders for your bank today – it?s a great way to stand out and be noticed!

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