Car Dealer Folders

Details and presentation are key in building a strong, long-lasting relationship between car dealers and customers. Use professional presentation folders customized for you by The Folder Store.

So much about selling cars starts with presentation – the professionalism of the salesperson, the look of the lot, the look of the car. Then it’s about the relationship between the dealer, salesperson, and the customer.

If you want to make that sale, you have got to treat your customer right. If you want your customer to keep coming back, then you’ve got to make a seriously good impression on their first visit, and especially on their first purchase. It’s easy to make the experience a pleasant one, but you’ve got to make it an experience that stands out. You have to make sure that your customer remembers you-and doing so depends upon how you pay attention to details.

Details will make or break you.  Presentation folders are a detail that goes a long way towards making a great and lasting impression upon customers. This impression is especially important for car dealerships, who want to build long-lasting and loyal relationships with their customers.

Car dealerships also have a lot of opportunities to build this relationship. Just think about the transaction. You’ve sold the car, you’ve signed the papers, and then you hand them over to the customer. Where do they put them? Do they stuff them in their purse or bag? Do they clutch them awkwardly? Are they falling all over the place? Where is the customer going to put those papers when they go home? They’ll be stuffed somewhere, forgotten, and hunted for desperately when needed. Make the whole experience easier. Hand them the papers in a professional, high quality, customized folder that has your name and logo on it, contact information, and helpful phone numbers. This gives the customer the feeling that you care about them. It also creates an impression and image of professionalism, of high quality, of concern for details. It takes you a step above the competition.  And it keeps your name in that household, so the customers are always reminded of you. Its these thoughtful elements that really count.

So where can you get that professional, high quality, customized presentation folder? Well, you can easily go to a professional artist, pay hundreds of dollars for a design, and then pay hundreds more to get your pocket folders printed. But the process is complicated, bewildering, and incredibly over-priced, especially for someone who doesn’t know a whole lot about graphic design.

Fortunately, there’s a solution for anyone who wants the highest quality, completely customized, and professional presentation folder for the best price out there. It’s The Folder Store at

At The Folder Store, you can design the perfect folder for your needs, featuring your company logo, and the logos of the lines you stock, in just a few easy steps. You pick a template, deciding where you want your pockets. Pick a paper, choosing both a quality and a color. Design your folder, uploading your company logos and graphics, choosing where to put text, picking a font, and more. Then preview and order. That’s it. Just a few minutes of your precious time, and suddenly you have the best marketing tool your dealership has ever seen. And you can even get them within seven days, if you have to.

So, lets get started on creating a first impression that will last a lifetime!

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