Chamber of Commerce Folders

Chambers of Commerce can present a great image and convince local businesses to join by handing out important information on benefits in high quality customized presentation folders from The Folder Store.

If you?re in the management of your local Chamber of Commerce you know that membership has many advantages. But how do you communicate those advantages to potential members?

across the country are now using presentation folders to welcome new members and make sales calls on new businesses to show them the benefits of joining their local Chamber.

As businesspeople, you know the power of having a handout or a brochure to support your selling message. how important presentation and organization are. But, since budgets are limited, you don?t have tons of money to hire designers to professionally create all of your materials.

One great way to add a high-class image to your presentations is to give potential members the information in a customized presentation folder. You can put all of the information inside, but also have important phone numbers and contact information printed on the folder itself. It’s a convenient way to store information for business owners and new members of your Chamber of Commerce.  Presentation folders also give a great impression, showing business owners the immediate benefits of belonging to a powerful, organized, and competent Chamber of Commerce.

But aren?t custom presentation folders far too expensive? They can be if first you go to a professional artist, then to a printer and try to navigate all of the different printing options, and then pay more to get the things printed.

But now there?s good news: there’s now a one-stop, completely professional and completely customized high-quality presentation folder source. It?s called The Folder Store ( where you can design your own folder and have it produced at the highest quality with the lowest prices.

At The Folder Store you can save literally hundreds of dollars in graphics develoment fees by designing your own folder using their simple online design process. In just a few easy steps you?ll have created the basis for the highest-quality, most professional, and least expensive pocket folders out there.

At The Folder Store, you design the presentation folder in just a few easy steps. It’s easy for even the most computer and design illiterate person out there, and it only takes a few minutes. Here’s how you do it, in just a few easy steps.

  1. Choose your template based on the size of folder you want, the number of pockets, and where you want them.
  2. Pick your paper quality and color.
  3. Design your folder. Let it feature your logo. Pick fonts and font colors to impress local business owners. Put your contact information on there and print valuable contact numbers on the folder itself.
  4. Preview and change if necessary.
  5. Order your folder, choosing express delivery if you want it so that you can get your folder in under 7 days.
  6. Relax. You’re done. And you just made an important step in improving relations with local businesses and helping expand your tax base. Congratulations.

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