Child Care Facility Folders

Childcare providers can give potential clients an immediate sense of their professionalism and their high quality care by using customized presentation folders from The Folder Store to store and present information.

Childcare providers are finding a presentation folder is the perfect way to introduce new clients to their services.

As a childcare provider, you have to fight an especially important public relations battle every day. You have to prove to parents, within a few minutes, that you are able to and qualified to care for their child or children. They are looking for someone who is safe, who is responsible, who is attentive, who remembers details (if you’re good at details then you’ll be less prone to let kids wander off and get into trouble), who is extremely professional, and is successful at what they do.

Even if you are all of these things, you have a very limited amount of time in which you can prove it to potential clients. You have to market your image from the first second they look up your ad in the phone book, to the first time they see your child care location, to the information that you hand them.

There’s a lot of information that parents are going to want to know. What are your hours? What are your rates? What kinds of activities do you have the kids do? What’s a sample daily schedule? What food do you serve? Do you have a calendar of special activities? Are there any days that you’re closed? Do you have credentials? What about emergency phone numbers? Contact information?

Fortunately, all of this information provides you with the perfect opportunity to present a fantastic image of competence and professionalism. Arrange all of the possible information that prospective clients would ask for. Make it look good, make sure that it’s clear, and then put it all, nicely organized and set up, in a customized presentation folder with your logo printed on the front, and your contact information clearly visible. Parents will immediately be impressed with your foresight, with your high quality product, with your professionalism, and with your helpfulness in providing such a helpful tool for them. Potential clients will immediately transfer those qualities to your skills as a childcare provider. It’s a great marketing tool.

But, if you?re like most people, you don’t have time to go out and find a professional artist and shop around for a printer! You watch kids all day! So this evening, get on your computer and go to The Folder Store at Within 10 minutes, you can have the folder of your dreams custom designed just the way you want it. Your folders can even be rushed to you within a week, if you need them that quickly. The product is of the highest quality professional grade, but at a price and a speed that you’ll like.

At The Folder Store, you design presentation folders in just a few easy steps.  Using The Folder Store is a way to build your business before the kids finish lunch.

  1. Choose a template. You’ll probably want reinforced pockets to help child-proof the folders. You can pick reinforcements and pick where to put the pockets.
  2. Pick a paper. You might want a heavy duty one, since kids are rough.
  3. Design your folder. You can upload your logo, print your contact information directly on the folder, and even decide to print days open and hours right on the front, back, or inside.
  4. Preview your folder. Not satisfied? Change it until you are.
  5. Order your folder. You’ll receive a proof from professional artists. Once you approve the proof, your folders are on their way. That’s it. You’re done! And it doesn’t even take enough time for a toddler to get himself in trouble.

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