Paper Options

The first step in designing a presentation folder is choosing what type of paper you are going to use. When choosing the best paper for an effective presentation folder, you need to take the following elements into consideration:

  1. The paper’s finish
  2. The paper’s color

There are a number of different types of finishes that can be used on papers to create different effects:

Glossy finishes are shiny and smooth, like the cover of a magazine. They are classy looking, and excellent for printing. If you are printing a full-color picture, you’ll definitely want to use a glossy paper. The downside of glossy paper is that it tends to show fingerprints, especially when it’s a dark color.

Linen papers are not shiny, and are textured with a series of subtle vertical lines. This creates a very sophisticated, expensive look. Linen papers have been used for decades for fine stationery by attorneys, banks, and wealthy people. Linens do very well with foil stamping, and some of the most elegant pocket folders we produce use foil stamping on dark linen paper. The biggest disadvantage of linen papers is that logos and small text with fine lines don’t always print as nicely as you would like them to.

Felted paper is also not shiny, but has a nice texture. It just feels rich. Like linens, felts look terrific when foil stamped or printed, though sometimes fine lines or halftone pictures don’t print as well on felts as on glossy papers.

The paper color that you choose for your presentation folders speaks volumes. There are numerous research studies that demonstrate the importance of different colors for communicating different messages. For example, red is more attention grabbing. Yellow is cheerful. A darker green connotes seriousness, and is also good for environmental firms.

Once again, decide on the image that you want to convey. What do you want to say about your company? What is your company personality? Then choose the paper color that will best give customers the feeling of calm tranquility, for example, if you own a day spa.

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