Color Impressions

How does the psychology of color work in pocket folders? How can you use the psychology of color to your advantage when you’re designing your customized pocket folders?

Each element of your pocket folder works on the consumer in a different way, creating a different experience and affecting them differently. One of the most important elements for you to consider is the psychology of color, and what the color of your pocket folder is telling your potential customer or your customers.
Research has shown that color is more effective than white at keeping a message in the mind of the customer. The rest of this article will discuss what each different color means to the consumer, so that you can decide, based on what message you want to convey and what image of your company you want to project, which color of pocket folder is right for you.

While Europeans favor orange, Americans tend to group orange in with the 1970s. Be careful with bright oranges. Orange, unless it is a deeper orange, can appear dated or can be associated with children. Orange works with the appetite, stimulating it. Orange is generally most effective when associated with ethnicity or with food, such as carrots or oranges.

Yellow has a great positive effect on people’s emotions. Yellow is immediately visible; if anything is yellow, font or paper, it will come to the attention of the consumer immediately. If you want to draw attention to a particular area, use yellow. However, you should not combine yellow with black or gray unless you want to impress upon the customer notions of danger. You can use yellow and gray or black, however, if you want to express power.

Red equals passion, drama, and excitement. Red will stimulate a person’s appetite. Red makes a great accent with a background color, particularly white.

Green has always been associated with nature, so if you want to bring across the idea of being connected to the world and that your company is natural, then green is a good color to choose. However, beware of yellow green if you are working with food, since it will turn people off. The most popular green color is blue green.

Purple is becoming more and more accepted by consumers. Purple can invoke a number of different feelings-it can convey mystery if it is bluish, and can be either eccentric or sensual if it is redish. Purple is generally equated with creativity. If you really want an attention grabbing purple, then use one with reds.

Brown has become more and more popular since the 1990s. Brown is equated with coffee and with the exotic, and is equated with the Starbucks lifestyle. Brown is rich, and is generally associated with the upscale.

Blue is hands down the favorite of consumers. Blue is the most attractive to customers, and they feel most comfortable with blue.

While off-white is a neutral color, pure white is a particularly brilliant color. If you want to draw attention, use pure white.

Black is the most powerful of all of the colors. Black equals modern, it equals elegant, it equals high class and it equals power.

The Folder Store allows you to choose from a range of colors traditionally associated with positive customer reactions. The Folder Store allows you to customize your pocket folders, providing the highest quality of pocket folders at the lowest price. Here’s the simple and unique online process that will get you to effective pocket folders.

  1. Choose your template based on the size and design that you need.
  2. Choose your paper, based on texture, weight, grade, and color.
  3. Choose your print-font, font color, and choose between ink, foil, and embossing.
  4. Design your folder. Decide what you want on your folder, and where it should go. Upload your organization’s logo. If you want even more customization, call customer service and they can help you with your design.
  5. Order your folder. After you approve the final draft, your order can even be rushed to you within seven days.

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