Convention Center Folders

If you run a convention center, you can attract clients by portraying an image of consideration, success, competence, and detail-orientation by using customized presentation folders from The Folder Store to give important information.

Convention centers find that their clients and event sponsors appreciate receiving local information / activities, facility features, menu choices, date availability, fees, and service information in a convenient presentation folder. The facilities find their success grows just by presenting the image their clients are seeking.

If you run a convention center, you know what your clients are looking for when they are deciding where to hold their conventions, meetings and gatherings. They want a place that is well run, that is well organized, that is efficient and professional, that offers the highest quality services and that won’t run into major problems on the day of the event. They need a place that can provide the highest-quality atmosphere, the highest-quality efficiency, and the highest-quality services for their important event. However, even if you offer all of those things at your convention center, if you don’t present an image of being capable of all of those things, you won’t get clients.

One of the most important aspects of the image you present is in paying attention to the details. Of course you’ll dress nicely when talking to prospective clients, but have you ever thought about how you give information to them? Do you just hand them menu lists, facility features, and local information on loose sheets of paper and then expect your clients to keep track of all of that? If you were really being considerate and on-the-ball, and if you were really concerned about the experience of your client, then you would hand out information in a presentation folder. It’s a consideration, a thoughtfulness and an attention to detail that will immediately impress potential clients, because those are exactly the things that they’re looking for in a convention center.

In fact, the only downside to customized presentation folders is their cost. It normally can be a pretty pricey endeavor. First you have to hire a professional artist to design your folder. That’s a few hundred dollars down the drain right there. Then you have to go shopping for a printer – price comparisons and all that – but to make matters even more complicated you have to figure out all of the different printing options and who has what it is that you want – or even what it is that you want. Printing is a lot more complicated than you ever imagined.

But now there?s a new, simple, and inexpensive way to get your professionally created completely customized presentation folders at a fraction of the cost of getting folders the old-fashioned way. It’s called The Folder Store and you can find them at The Folder Store is an online site where anyone can completely design your own folder from front to back, bottom to top. You can choose from clearly explained paper options and printing options. And the entire thing will be double-checked by professional artists, you’ll be given a chance for final approval, and, if you want, the whole thing can be rushed to you within a week, all at higher quality and lower costs than any of those other places.

Here’s how you do it, in just a few easy steps.

  1. Pick a template.
    What size and type of folder do you want? How many pockets do you want? Do you want them on both sides? Do you want them reinforced?
  2. Pick a paper.
    What quality paper do you want? The Folder Store offers three different kinds for you to choose from. Then choose your color: white, blue, dark blue, grey, black, whatever color you want, they’ve got it.
  3. Design!
    You can design the front, the inside, and the back however you want. You can choose the font, the ink color, the ink style (whether you want ink or foil).
  4. Preview.
    Look at your design, and change it as many times as you want until you’re happy with it.
  5. Order.
    Orders can be rushed so that you can have your pocket folders within a week. Before your custom folders are printed, the professional artists at The Folder Store will send you a proof for approval.

If you already have a special company design, or if you want to customize your folder even more, then you can simply download a template, have your graphic artist input your design, and then upload it. You can call customer service for pricing on custom design and printing. And remember-with The Folder Store, you get to review a proof created by professional artists of your customer design, and you can rush your order to be at your office in a week.

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