Dental Clinic Folders

Dental clinics can set themselves apart from the competition and build a relationship of trust and comfort with new patients by using customized presentation folders from The Folder Store.

Here’s one way that many dental clinics are putting themselves ahead of the competition: by welcoming new or potential patients with a list of specialties, services, hours, emergency information etc. all conveniently packaged in a 4″ x 9″ or 9″ x 12″ presentation folders.

Let’s face it: as a dental clinic, it’s difficult to set yourself apart from all of the other dental clinics out there. Most people, it seems like, choose a clinic based on whoever their insurance will pay for.

But you can get more patients if you do things a little better and a little different than your competition.

One of the best ways to immediately build a relationship of trust, security, and welcome with a new patient is by making things as easy as possible for them. Instead of expecting them to ask for numbers, to pick up brochures scattered around your office, or looking up numbers in the phone book, you should make the first move and provide all of that information to your patients right away. Give them emergency information. Make sure you include a complete list of your specialty, your services, and importantly, your hours. This makes everything easier on your patient, and they’ll appreciate you for it. They’ll also remember you and think about how much better and more helpful you are than any of their other dental clinics in the past.

But don’t expect your patient to be able to keep all of those sheets of paper together in one place. We all know how easily things get lost. Instead, provide your patient with all of that vital information in a presentation folder – a customized one. A nice, professional, high quality presentation folder makes a serious impression. It gives you an image of professionalism, of competence, of attention to details. A folder with your logo on the front will continually remind your patients of your clinic, and it will make them feel safe and comfortable with your competence.

But customized, professional presentation folders can normally be incredibly expensive, and you might not get the result that you want. Fortunately, now there’s an option out there that will provide you with completely customized, professional quality, and inexpensive pocket folders -The Folder Store (

The Folder Store lets you design the presentation folder of your dreams through a special design tool on their website in just a few easy steps. It?s so simple that anyone can put together a professional folder that exactly meets your specifications in terms of size, design, color, ink color, and writing.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Pick a template.
    What size of folder do you want? How many pockets do you want? Do you want them on both sides? Do you want them reinforced?
  2. Pick a paper.
    What type of paper do you want? The Folder Store offers three different kinds for you to choose from. Then choose your color: white, blue, dark blue, grey, black, whatever color you want, they’ve got it.
  3. Design!
    You can design the front, the inside, and the back however you want. You can
    choose the font, the ink color, the ink style (whether you want ink or foil). If you have a special company logo that you want on the front, you can upload it. Call customer service if you’d like to customize your folder even further. They are happy to work with you, and will give you a price quote at that time.
  4. Preview.
    Look at your design, and change it as many times as you want until you’re happy with it.
  5. Order.
    Orders can be rushed so that you can have your folders within a week. Normally folders are mailed within seven working days. Before your custom folders are printed, the professional artists at The Folder Store will send you a proof for approval.

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