Design Mistakes

When designing your presentation folders, there are a number of common mistakes that you should try to avoid. An effective presentation folder can jumpstart your business or help inject some momentum; well designed presentation folders focus on what will be most appealing to the target audience.

However, regardless of the audience that you are trying to attract, there are some general rules that you should follow when you are designing yourpocket folders.  These common mistakes will present a negative image of your company Let’s consider what you should avoid in designing your presentation folders:

  1. Too much text. 
    If you have too much text on your presentation folder, it becomes busy. Most customers do not want to-and will not-bother with reading a lot amount of material. The amount of text on your presentation folder is indicative of the dullness of the material within. Make your presentation folder text short, too the point, and easy to comprehend in just a glance.
  2. Busy design. 
    Look at your design template for your presentation folder. Are there a lot of busy lines? Do you have lots of different graphics and text on the front cover? This is a pretty big mistake. Put the logo and plus possibly a limited amount of text on the front and contact information on the inside, or the back. Remember throughout the design phase: simplicity is key.
  3. Too gaudy. Or too dull. 
    This is a hard balance to strike. If your colors are too bright and your font is too over the top, then customers will be turned off. If you want to appeal to the younger generation, then go for modern, streamlined simplicity rather than day-glo. That’s for the 14 and under crowd. At the same time, though, if your folder is too dull and the colors are too staid, then you might not be getting the response that you want in your customers. Don’t use a lot of different colors; stick to just a couple basics.

With its unique online design and ordering process, you can ensure that you have the most effective presentation folder for your company by avoiding common mistakes and utilizing the power of color, print options, paper, and design.

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