Fax/Mail Order Form

Order by Fax/Mail Order Forms:

  • 9″x12″ one-color printed folders
  • 9″x12″ foil stamped folders
  • Blank folders – 9″x12″, 6″x9″, & 4″x9″

The Folder Store offers many more additional folders sizes and styles on our website.

1. Get an Order Form: 

Click here to download our Fax/Mail Order Form in Adobe Acrobat Reader® (PDF) format. Click here if you don’t already have Adobe Reader. Just open it in Acrobat and print it. If you have Microsoft Internet Explorer and you can’t seem to download the order form, try right-clicking on the “download an order form” link and then click “Save Target As.” Or, call 1-800-480-1338 and we can fax or email it to you promptly.

2. Fill out the Order Form.

Here’s where you specify the type of paper, quantity and ink or foil color. Our standard method of shipping is UPS Ground.

3. Attach your payment check or write your credit card information on the form.

4. Fax it in, or mail it in.

Where do you fax/send it? The address and fax number is on the order form. If you need help, please Contact Us via phone, fax or email.

Questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions page or call 1-800-480-1338.