Ink or Foil, Which Is Best?

Foil has several advantages over ink when used in presentation folders. You can use foil to highlight not only the text on your pocket folders, but also certain aspects of your company’s image.

Let’s begin by considering ink. Ink is flat, visually speaking. It will present a smooth and polished appearance, when paired with glossy paper.

When ink is paired with vellum or linen paper, however, it tends to get lost in the texture of the paper, and may end up simply looking ineffective and cheap. Ink does not catch the attention of the viewer, because of that flat quality.

Foil, on the other hand, draws the attention of the viewer. Foil catches and reflects light, drawing your eye to the print. Foil also looks classy, sophisticated, and gives you the image of success and of quality. When paired with linen or vellum, foil provides a nice texture to your custom presentation folder.

This tactile element is highly important, and many customers find it pleasing. Foil gives the impression of permanence, rather than the transiency of ink. Foil is long lasting, ink is connected with impermanence and change. More and more customers are moving towards linen or vellum paper as their preference, because when paired with foil print, it connotes a corporate personality of quality, class, and success.

The Folder Store can help you achieve this particular image by offering foil as a printing option, along with several different types of paper so that you can convey the particular message and image that fits your company. The Folder Store provides customized, highest quality professional presentation folders, at a low cost due to the elimination of the middle man.

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