Funeral Director Folders

Funeral directors can use presentation folders from The Folder Store to provide better service and a better image to clients who are pre-planning their funerals.

With the growing trend in preplanning funerals, many funeral directors are finding their clients want a convenient way to store these important papers. These funeral directors are using presentation folders both as a way to present their services and choices to their clients and then as a way for their clients to have a safe place to keep these papers.

There are a number of different reasons why people are pre-planning their funerals. People like to shop around for the best plan and to take care of everything before their death. This is an important yet sensitive topic, and it’s important for funeral directors to make the process as easy, professional, and helpful as possible.

One of the best ways to make the process of pre-planning a funeral easy, simple, and understandable is found in your presentation of your materials. Use a presentation folder, customized with your contact information and logo, as a way to conveniently present the information that you’re giving clients and prospective customers. They’ll appreciate the step, and it will give you an image of professionalism and also of thoughtfulness.

A presentation folder is also a great way for your clients to keep these important documents safe. It will be easy to find them when needed, it will be easy to understand them, and there won’t be danger of anything vital or important being lost. Security and safety are important when dealing with these matters, and you want your clients and their families to feel secure. Using presentation folders will also help you, because when needed, your clients will be able to find their paperwork.

So where can you get these presentation folders? You want highest quality, professional, and customized pocket folders in order to present a clean cut, professional image. But a customized professional presentation folder is normally quite expensive. Normally, you’ll have to hire an artist to design it, and you’ll have to visit and comparison shop printing companies and options. You don’t have the time to do all of that, and you don’t want to spend that money.

But now there?s a better way. Try The Folder Store at In just a few simple steps, you can completely customize the exact presentation folder that you want, and have it shipped to you within a week of your proof approval. You’ll get to double check the final design proofs, and you can have it printed in any way that you want. Furthermore, the prices will be just a fraction of other folder companies.

At The Folder Store, you take just a few minutes to design the presentation folder of your dreams. All it takes are a few easy steps. If you need it, there is a tutorial video on the site to guide you through the process, but the whole thing is so easy that you probably won?t even need to watch that video. Here’s how you design your custom folder.

  1. Choose a template based on the type and size of folder you want, how many pockets you want, where you want them, and if you want reinforcements.
  2. Choose a paper type and color. This is a lot more than just different shades of white.
  3. Design your folder. You can print anything you want on it. You choose the font, the font color, and whether or not you want foil, embossing. If you have a logo, you can simply upload it onto your design. If you want more customization, simply call customer relations and they’ll work out a plan with you.
  4. Preview your folder. Change it if you need to.
  5. Order your folder. You can even rush your order and get it within 7 days. And that’s it! You’re done! And not only you, but your customers will appreciate the ten minutes that you took to make all of the difference to them.

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