Insurance Agent Folders

Insurance agents can and should present an image of competence and success when dealing with existing or potential clients by using customized presentation folders from The Folder Store.

Insurance agents find clients place more trust in their expertise when they present an image of success. Many elements impact this image. A simple and cost effective step to take is using high quality presentation folders.

Step back for a minute and think about what you are actually providing to clients. You have people coming in and trusting you to secure their cars, their house, their health, their material belongings, their families, their lives. They’re essentially placing everything in your hands, and trusting you to take care of them in a way that they’ll be safe if anything disastrous happens. They ultimately depend on you to be honest, to be trustworthy, and to know what it is that you’re doing. If they walk into a messy office, you hand them stacks of photocopied loose papers, you’re slightly unkempt yourself, they’re not going to have confidence in you. This is their lives they?re dealing with and they only want the very best and the most competent person protecting their most valuable and precious possessions. You need to present the image that you are capable of doing so.

And that image of success is based in the details. Do you have coffee mugs, pencils, and more that have your name on them? Are you a conscientious person? How do you give your clients their important documents? Do you slide them loose across your desk and then your clients have to stuff these important documents in their bag, take them home, and try to save them from being ravaged by the kids?

What if you were to portray a different image: you go through the vital documents with your client, then you place them in a special presentation folder, customized with your name and contact information. They’ll be impressed by your image of competence and success and also by your thoughtfulness.  Presentation folders are also especially important when dealing with prospective clients. They’ll be impressed when you give them all of the information detailing benefits and securities that you offer in a high quality presentation folder with all of your contact information right there.

Now, some agents may ask ?why not just use the folders provided by the insurance company?? That?s a good idea, but remember that you need to sell not only the insurance company, but yourself.

In other words, you need pocket folders that contain your own information, in addition to that of the insurance you sell.

But where can you get a presentation folder customized and printed for less than thousands of dollars? At The Folder Store The Folder Store lets you completely customize and design your folder, and then has professional artists review and adjust your design, if necessary, to create a totally professional look. And they do it all at lower costs than anywhere else.

Here’s how it works:

First, you pick a template based on the size of folder you want, how many pockets it should have, where you want them, etc. Second, you pick a paper based on the type and color you want. Third, you design your folder. You can completely customize your folder. If you have a logo, upload it. Choose what to put on the front, the inside, and the back. If you want to customize your folder even further, simply call up customer service and they’ll work with you until you have the exact folder that you want. Fourth, preview. No sense in buying a folder that you don’t like. Fifth, order. That’s it. You’re done! Just a few minutes and you?ll have one of the most powerful marketing tools out there. It’s all so easy and so good that it just almost doesn’t seem fair.

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