Investment Advisor Folders

As an investment advisor you are dealing with high-income clients who expect success. Convey that image by paying attention to details and using high quality customized presentation folders from The Folder Store.

Investment advisors find clients place more trust in their expertise when they present an image of success. Many elements impact this image. A simple and cost effective step to take is using high, quality presentation folders.

As an investment advisor, you’re in charge of your clients assets. You have to be professional, detail-oriented, and know the market. The greatest marker of your skills and ability is your success. So you need to give off an image of success in order to build confidence and trust in your abilities.

You can’t succeed without being mindful and obsessive about both the details and the bigger picture. Details show that you are really thinking about every single step, that you know what’s going on and that you care about the small and the large things. One detail that is often overlooked to everyone’s detriment is that manner of delivering statements, paperwork, and more: the presentation folder.

First of all, just handing out sheets of paper makes the client feel like they’re in grade school. What are they supposed to do with everything that you hand them? Plus, it doesn’t really demonstrate that you’re particularly considerate. Also, these are confidential documents. Treat them that way: hand them over the desk in a high quality folder. It will make the client feel that their account is being handled properly.

A high quality presentation folder should also be customized. If you have the money to customize things, then you really are successful. But where can you find the time and the money to go to an artist, get a folder designed, and then go to a printer and try to figure out printing options? High quality presentation folders are a key to your success and to your image-treat them that way. Order them through The Folder Store at The Folder Store is the place for the highest quality, completely customized, yet inexpensive and simple to order presentation folders.

At The Folder Store, you design your presentation folder to look exactly the way you want it to look, not the way an artist or printer says it should look. You know what you need, so go to The Folder Store and make it. It only takes a few minutes, and you can put the entire customized folder together in just a few easy steps.

Here’s how it works:

First, you pick a template. This is where you decide if you want pockets, where they should go, if you want them to be reinforced. Then, you pick a paper. You can choose from three types of paper. Then pick a color of paper. Third, you design design design. You decide what goes on the front, inside, and back of the folder. You can pick fonts, colors, foils, and embossing. And if you have a logo that you want, upload it. If you want yourpocket folders even more customized, then just call a customer service representative and they’ll set you up with everything that you need. And that’s it. Easy as pie. Just preview and when you’re happy with your folder, order. Just a few minutes, a few steps, and you have a fantastic marketing tool that will not only impress you, but will also impress current and prospective customers and will help you project the image that you want.

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