Magazine Folders

If you really want to impress and win advertisers, then create the kind of media kit that you want to receive. Magazine editors should use presentation folders from The Folder Store to present a professional, high-quality image to advertisers.

Things are always crazy at a magazine. You have submissions coming in all the time, and articles, photos, layouts, and advertisements to keep track of. People send you their media kits and want you to look through them, interview them, and more. You know exactly what kind of media kit you throw away: the sloppy, messy, unorganized one, and which kind you keep and look over: the classy, well-organized, professional one with all of the information in one easy place.

So you know what kind of media kit you like to receive. Is that the one that you’re sending out to advertisers? No advertiser is going to be tempted to buy ad space in any magazine that has a sloppy and unimpressive media kit. You have to give advertisers a reason to purchase ad space in your magazine rather than all of the other ones, and that argument focuses around your image. And you start to sell your image the minute an advertiser opens the envelope containing your media kit.

One of the best ways to convince them to buy ads in your magazine is by making things simple, easy, straightforward, and professional.  They are under time pressures so a great way to help them is to present everything you need – the editorial calendar, rates, special promotions, and submission deadlines – in a presentation folder. A classy, high-quality presentation folder customized with your logo, color scheme, fonts, and with your contact information, presents a fantastic image of professionalism, detail-orientation, and high quality that will convince advertisers to purchase ad space in your magazine. It’s all about image and convenience – do everyone a favor, and use a custominzed presentation folder.

But designing and ordering presentation folders takes time. You have to find, and work with a professional artist. Then you have to go through printing options and rates and find a printer. But now there?s a better way. Go to The Folder Store at In just a few easy steps, you can completely design your own folder, approve the professional proof, and receive a rush order within seven days.

The Folder Store process makes it easy for the most frazzled, busy, over-scheduled magazine editor or marketing editor to design the perfect folder that fits all of your specifications. Here’s how it works.

  1. Pick a template. Want pockets? Where do you want pockets? Do you want them reinforced?
  2. Choose your paper. What quality paper would you like? What color do you want your folder to be? White, red, dark blue, light gray. you want it, you’ve got it.
  3. Design your pocket folders.  You can upload your logo and put it on the front, you can choose what goes on the inside, front, back, what font it’s in, whether you want embossing. And if you want it more customized, just call customer service and they’ll help you submit your completely customized template design
  4. Preview. Don’t like it? Go back and fix it until you do.
  5. Order. The Folder Store can ship you your customized presentation folders within a week, if you need them right away. Otherwise, in about two weeks you’ll have the perfect, professional, highest quality presentation folders available, completely customized to present the image you and your magazine want to project.

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