Manufacturer Folders

Manufacturers who want to get ahead of the competition create a careful image of success and confidence by distributing their sales literature in customized presentation folders from The Folder Store.

Manufacturers are finding that in today’s increasingly competitive business environment they need to give their sales team every competitive edge they can. One way to earn trust and confidence of prospective customers is to present the right image. So they are making sure their sales people dress properly, communicate clearly and make the best possible impression every time. They are finding a presentation folder is the perfect way to present their sales literature and a well-prepared custom folder is great extension of their sales and marketing efforts.

The business world is becoming more and more cutthroat. You need to do more and more if you want to stay ahead and beat your competition. Customers are expecting more, and you need to go the extra mile not just to fulfill those expectations, but to exceed them. Even if you’ve got a fantastic product, that’s not enough. You need a fantastic image that will build the confidence and trust necessary to get the customer to your product.

Ask yourself this question: what kind of complete picture are you giving potential customers? Your sales people might be well dressed, but is that where your good impression ends? Keep a good impression going by paying attention to the smallest details. Customized presentation folders give a sense of success, of conscientious attention to both details and to the needs of your customers. It shows potential customers that you think ahead, that you’re looking out for them, and that you take care of things down to the smallest detail. It also keeps your name in their head-every time they open that customized presentation folder to mull over your sales literature, they’ll be reminded of who you are.

Normally customized presentation folders cost a pretty penny. You have to pay hundreds of dollars to a professional artist to design your folder. Then you have to sort through al of the various printing options and pay hundreds more once you’ve decided. You don’t have the time to do all of that in today’s fast-paced business world, and you probably don’t want to pay through the nose for your folders either.

But now there’s now a one-stop solution at The Folder Store (, the professional, highest-quality, completely customized and inexpensive source for professional presentation folders.

At The Folder Store you can design your own folder in just a few easy steps for the highest-quality, most professional, and least expensive folder out there. Here’s how you do it in just a few easy steps.

First, choose what size of folder you want, whether or not you want pockets, where you want them, and if you want them reinforced.

Second, pick a paper quality and color.

Third, design your folder. You get to choose what goes on the front, inside, and back, where it goes, what it looks like, whether it’s embossed, foil, whatever you want. If you have a company logo, upload it.

Fourth, preview your folder design. Don’t like it? Try again.

Fifth, order your customized pocket folders.  You’ll receive a final proof that you need to approve, and then your folders will be sent to you within 7 working days. That’s it. But if this process is still seeming overwhelming and complicated to you, never fear! There’s a tutorial video on the site.

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