Mortgage Company Folders

Mortgage companies can’t afford to not give that personal, professional touch of a presentation folder. Your customers will appreciate it, and your bottom line will appreciate the customized folders at The Folder Store.

You’re just a mortgage company. Why would you need something like a customized presentation folder? Imagine this scenario: mortgage companies send new home owners off at closing with all their important documents carefully housed in a presentation folder. If that’s not what you’re already doing, you’ve got a great opportunity to build business by adding this simple tool to your marketing arsenel.

A mortgage is one of the most important decision that any person will make during their lifetime. It’s not just a financial decision-it’s an entire way of life that’s being chosen by taking out a mortgage. As a mortgage company, you have to tailor your approach to your customers accordingly. This doesn’t just mean that you’re friendly and work your hardest to get them the best mortgage possible – you’re already doing that. It also means that you pay attention to the smallest details – details that you never even thought of. But it’s those things that make a difference. People might not think, “Oh, I wish that they had given me a customized presentation folder with all of my documents inside,” but when you hand it to them, they realize how valuable that folder is and they appreciate the gesture.

A folder is much more than just a convenient way for your customers to keep your documents. A folder is a way for you to add that extra touch that says that you’re looking out for your customers. It gives you an image of detail-oriented professionalism and also the kind of personal, caring, individualized attention that every customer needs, especially when making a decision of this size.

Don’t just hand out run-of-the-mill folders from your local Walmart. Get them customized so that the customer remembers your name and associates this gesture with you and your company.

Normally, the cost for customized pocket folders is very expense. You have to hire a professional artist to design the folder, and then you have to try and figure out all of the different technical sides of getting it printed.

But now there?s a better way – now The Folder Store ( provides great service with inexpensive, professional, customized presentation folders.

At The Folder Store, you design the presentation folder of your dreams in just a few easy steps. It’s easy for even the most computer or design illiterate person out there, and it only takes a few minutes. Here’s how you do it, in just a few easy steps.

  1. First of all, you pick your template. This is where you decide what kind of folder you want, if you want pockets, where you would like those pockets, and whether or not you want your pockets to be reinforced.
  2. Second, choose your paper. You can choose from three types. Once you’ve decided on paper type, pick paper color. Light blue? Medium blue? Dark blue?
  3. Third, design your folder. You decide what goes on the front, inside, and back of your folder, where it goes, and what it looks like. If you have a company logo, upload it. If you want even more customization, just call up customer service and they’ll help you out.
  4. Fourth, preview your folder. If you don’t like it, change it until you do.
  5. Fifth, order your folder. You’ll receive a proof from a professional artist that you get to approve before your folders go to print. And then they will generally be shipped to you within seven working days. And if this all seems too good to be true, don’t worry. Nothing beats the professional grade, high quality, customized presentation folders from The Folder Store for convenience, price, and quality.

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