Parent Teacher Association Folders

The Folder Store is the perfect option for parent teacher associations that want to provide a quick, convenient, and inexpensive take home folder for use in school.

Presentation folders are great for parent teacher associations to use for take home folders in school. We all know how it goes. Your kid comes home from school, and you ask if he or she got anything for you. You look in the backpack, and it’s a disaster area. Everything’s stuffed in, papers are crumpled, lunch is smashed, and there are so many different things that you don’t know if you were supposed to see them a month ago or if they were handed out today.

What you need is a take home folder, so that the parents can keep in touch with what’s going on in the school without that line of communication being mucked up by the unreliability of the typical eight-year-old. Parent teacher associations can use take home folders to send home important information about school meetings, school programs, parent meetings, volunteer opportunities, after school activities, and more. And while the chances are the school doesn’t have the resources to provide these folders, providing presentation take home folders is a great idea for a parent teacher association.

Chances are that if you’re a member of a parent teacher association, you’ve already thought about how great a take home folder would be. You might have even gone to your local print shop and were shocked at how much it would cost to print up a batch of take home folders for your school.

Don’t give up hope just because normal folder printers are out of your budget range! There’s a great website that provides professional, custom presentation folder services at a far lower price, with the utmost convenience, ease of design, and customability. Take a look at is a one-stop place for you to design and purchase your own presentation folder, which is perfect for any parent teacher association that wants to design a take home folder for kids. The design process is easy, even for the most computer illiterate person out there. You can even watch a short tutorial movie, or just jump right into designing!

You start out by choosing a template based on the number of pockets you want and whether or not you want them to be reinforced to ward off the destruction capabilities of kids. Then you choose your paper-the quality and the color. Then comes the fun part – designing. You can choose from a number of different fonts, and from a number of different inks. You can have type put on the front, the inside, and the back of your presentation folder. And you can preview the whole thing on the site, make any changes you want, and even save your folder design for later! Also, there’s a handy running price tally that lets you know how much of a bill you’re running up. The minimum order is 100 folders, but there’s no limit to the number of folders you can buy! And the whole order can be shipped to you within 7 business days of approving the proof! You’ll also get a chance to approve the final proof sent to you by the professional artists who work for The Folder Store before yourpresentation folders are printed.

The Folder Store is the one-stop, convenient, easy, and inexpensive way for you to design exactly the custom presentation folder that you want while saving hundreds of dollars. It’s quick, simple, and professional.

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