Real Estate Agent Folders

Using a customized high-quality presentation folder from The Folder Store is a detail that will build incredible confidence in you as a real estate agent. It’s that simple.

Real estate agents find that they have less fee pressure and earn more client confidence when they present their marketing plan, their credentials, and market comparables in a high quality custom presentation folder.

Can just one custom presentation folder do all of that? The answer is: yes. As you know, the real estate business is much more than the numbers. It’s about image and customer confidence. You have to watch out for all of the details – even the smallest ones – because the tiniest things are very important to your clients.

When you?re selling yourself as an agent, you have lots of information that you have to give to them: the marketing plan, your credentials, market comparisons, and more. Are you just going to hand that to them as a stack of paper? A lot of real estate agents would do that. And it doesn’t build confidence. It makes the customer feel like they’re out there on their own. Their agent has a lot of stuff to take care of, and isn’t looking out for customers or details. The customer is going to fight for themselves, and you could be the enemy to an extent, if you’re not a friend.

If you hand out all of those papers and fliers in a high quality presentation folder with your name and contact information on it, then automatically your customer will be impressed. You’re on their team. You’re professional, you deal with details, and you look out for them. A folder might seem small, but it gives you an entirely different image: one that builds confidence.

So how can you build that confidence? The first step is by going to The Folder Store at The Folder Store can provide you with the chance to completely custom design yourpresentation folders – no paying artists’ fees, or dealing with printing hassles. You can do the whole thing in just a few short steps and get the highest quality folder with the lowest price and most control.

At The Folder Store, you design the presentation folder of your dreams in just a few easy steps. It’s easy for even the most computer and design illiterate person out there, and it only takes a few minutes. Here’s how you do it, in just a few easy steps.

  1. Pick a template.
    This choice is based on why type and size of pocket folders you want, how many pockets you want in your folder, where you would like them, and whether or not you would like them to be reinforced.
  2. Pick a paper.
    First you decide what type of paper you would like. Then, based on your paper type, you choose the color.
  3. Design!
    Here is where you really get to shine and make this folder your own. You decide what goes on the front, on the inside, and on the back of the folder. You decide on the font, the color of the text, whether you want it foil, ink, or embossed. You can upload your logo, or, if you want even more extensive customization, you can do that too.
  4. Preview.
    Examine your final product with a critical eye. Something wrong? It;s easy to fix. Go ahead and adjust until you are satisfied.
  5. Order.
    At this point, you will receive a proof adjusted by a professional artist. Once you approve the proof, then your folders are sent to the printers. They are generally shipped from The Folder Store in seven days, but if you need your folders even sooner, they can be rushed to you within a week.

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