Real Estate Developer Folders

If you’re a real estate developer, you need a custom presentation folder in order to enable prospective homeowners to easily make decisions and to impress them with your company image. Go to The Folder Store today.

You’re a real estate developer. Do you have a custom presentation folder? You should consider getting one. Real estate developers with new subdivision developments are finding that using folders to present floor plan choices and subdivision amenities to young couples yields great success. This has direct bearing on your commercial success.

Presentation Folders are important in selling new homes for a number of reasons. When a couple comes to your subdivision and wants to know all of the different choices available for floor plans and amenities you usually will hand them a number of different single sheets of papers-one for each floor plan. Soon they’re walking around, shuffling their papers, dropping them, losing them-it’s inevitable. Then they go home and realize that they have tons of flyers, but they can?t remember which ones go with which house. Plus, your carefully prepared work is likely to get lost in the clutter that’s a major part of any person’s home.

A presentation folder can help fix this problem. A couple comes in, asks questions, and you immediately hand them a folder with your logo printed on the front, your contact information printed on the back, and all of your materials inside, neatly organized and immediately accessible. Then, not only does the couple have all of the floor plans and has immediate access to all of the amenities of your subdivision, but they’ll also look at your company name every time they open the folder. They’ll have your contact information right there. And they won’t throw the folder away like they might individual sheets of paper.

Presentation folders are not only a great way to be organized and to deliver your materials in an effective manner, but they also leave a great impression. You are giving off an image of being on top of your game. You’re ready to serve your customers. You’re savvy in the business world. You’re organized. Image is especially important with prospective builders – they’re rising to the top, they know all about current trends, and you want to appear to be hip and current without sacrificing quality and service. A custom folder with your logo speaks success and competence. And let’s face it – you’re not just selling the amenities of your subdivision – you’re also selling yourself and your company. Image is still everything.

You probably know all this already, and you might have even shopped around to see how to produce custom presentation folders. Chances are the staggering costs put you off. First you have to pay a professional artist hundreds of dollars to design your pocket folders.  Then you have to figure out how you want it printed, and pay even more to get it printed. But never fear! There is an incredibly easy, inexpensive, and entirely custom way to get hundreds of professional-quality presentation folders. Just go to The Folder Store at

At The Folder Store, you design the presentation folder of your dreams in just a few easy steps. It’s easy for even the most computer or design illiterate person, and it only takes a few minutes. Here’s how you do it, in just a few easy steps.

First, you choose your template based on the size and type of folder you want, how many pockets you want, where you would like your pockets, and whether or not you want your pockets to be reinforced. Then you choose your paper. First you pick a type of paper, then you choose a color.

Third, you design your folder. You decide what goes on the front, inside, and back, what font you want, what color the print is, whether it is embossed, ink, or foil. You can upload your logo. If you would like even more customization to fit in with a preexisting design scheme, just give customer service a call and they’ll talk you through it. Then after you preview your folder and make any changes necessary, it’s time to order. You’ll be sent a final proof done by a professional artist, and then your customized folders will be sent by The Folder Store in about seven days. You’ll be happy with your professional, customized folders, and your customers will be even happier with your service.

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