School Folders

Design your own custom presentation folder at, to build school pride and foster stronger parental involvement.

Take home folders build school pride and foster parental involvement. They are a great option for any teacher or parent teacher association that wants to build a stronger school community and a better learning and social environment for children. Many schools have discovered that take home folders are a fantastic way to actually succeed in getting information from the school into the parent?s hands. We’ve all experienced the frustration of looking inside a child’s backpack in order to find that book order, note from the principal, or homework assignment. And what do you find? An absolute mess! Crumpled papers, torn papers, folded papers, all mixed up with books, lunch, and who knows what else.

Let’s face it-an eight-year-old is not going to be that line of open communication that’s so necessary for schools to really function properly. Schools don’t work without parents. Kids need help with their homework. They need help with their book orders. Teachers need parents to be actively involved with their kids and with the school, because teachers can’t do it all. They can’t go home with each student, make sure that the science project is finished, and bake cookies for the bake sale.

And many studies have shown that schools with a high level of parental involvement consistently have higher test scores and better adjusted and educated students. And who doesn’t want that?

A custom presentation folder is one of the best ways that you can help get parents involved in school. A presentation folder makes sure that parents get all of the information that they need. Handouts go right into the folder, the parent looks at them, and, if necessary, puts them back in-signed, sealed, and finally delivered the way that it should be. Many schools have found that a presentation folder that has a school seal or insignia or logo on it can help build school spirit. They help students feel a deeper connection to their school.

But you’ve probably already looked into getting a custom presentation folder, and then turned right around and gave up on the idea. A custom pocket folder , is normally far too expensive for the traditional school?s budget. Not only do you have to pay for the folder, but you also have to spend hundreds of dollars hiring an artist to design the folder. And the entire process is confusing-what do you know about different papers, inks, layouts, embossing, and everything else done with the process?

But now that?s all changed. There’s an easy, inexpensive, custom solution that will bring you top-quality, professional custom presentation folders at a fraction of the cost. It?s called The Folder Store and can be found at At The Folder Store, you can design the presentation folder of your dreams in just a few quick and easy steps. And, since you design it yourself, you save hundreds of dollars in graphics development costs. And then, since they specialize in folders, The Folder Store is able to offer you high quality folders at a fraction of the cost.

The Folder Store, your source for quality, low cost take home folders at a fraction of the price.

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