Sports Team Folders

If you’re involved in marketing a sports team, consider using presentation folders from The Folder Store as part of your marketing strategy to impress the media favorably

Professional and semi-professional sporting teams are increasingly using presentation folders as part of their marketing communication mix.

Marketing is an essential part of any successful sports team. While you might be great at winning games, if you can’t play the PR game, you will have trouble putting pay fans into the stands. You won’t get the press coverage and the contracts that you need to make the money you need to keep your team going. Because let’s face it – if you can?t bring in the dollars, nothing else matters in today?s sports environment.

Effective sports marketing contains many elements. But besides the strategies and tactics, you also need the supplies to support that marketing – the t-shirts, the balls emblazoned with your logo, and of course, a quality custom presentation folder.

Why should you have a presentation folder? One great usage is for your media kit. Your media kit should be given to any member of the media that you contact or that comes to one of your news conferences. It starts with a custom presentation folder with your team logo or theme graphic on the front. Inside is important basic information about the team, copies of your press releases, photographs, and background information about your news conference.

Presentation folders are also useful in dealing with potential investors, recruiting, season ticket holders, box holders, or dealing with local businesses.

They automatically create an image of not just being a good athletic team, but also being professional, successful, and having a great all-around image.

So where can you get these great presentation folders? Well, you can go out, find a professional artist to design the folder, and then spend long hours and trips to printing companies to try and figure out all of your different options. You can pay through the nose and spend a lot of time doing so.

Or you can just visit The Folder Store at, completely customize your own pocket folders, order them, and then have them shipped to you in days. The Folder Stores unique online design tool makes it possible to save hundreds of dollars in design fees, create great looking folders, and do it all at a fraction of the price.

At The Folder Store you can design your own folder in just a few easy steps for some of the highest-quality, most professional, and least expensive folder available. It?s so quick and inexpensive that you can actually afford to have different folders for different themes, not just a single folder for the year.

It’s easy for anyone to do, from athletes to coaches to management to the fans. Here’s how The Folder Store works:

  1. First, you choose a template based on the size and type of folder you want, choosing how many pockets you would like, where you would like them, and whether or not you would like them to be reinforced.
  2. Second, you choose your paper. What type of paper would you like? What color paper would you like? This is where you make your decision known.
  3. Third, design your folder. You can upload your team logo onto the front. You can put whatever information you want on the front, inside, and back, decide the font, the print color, embossing, or foil.
  4. Fourth, preview it online. Don’t like it? Change it.
  5. Fifth, order. Your order can be rushed to you in as little time as within a week. And you’ll have the chance to final approve a proof sent to you by a professional artist. That’s The Folder Store: complete customization, complete control, and highest professional quality. All in under ten minutes time for you.

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