Television Station Folders

If you really want to impress and win advertisers, then create the kind of media kit that you want to receive. Television and radio stations should use presentation folders from The Folder Store to present a professional, high-quality image to advertisers.

Television and radio stations are using presentation folders more and more frequently to present their media kit to advertisers. These kits include the advertising services, rates, special promotions, submission deadlines, etc.

If you’re working for a television or radio station, you know how crazy things can get. You have to organize stories, shows, scheduling, and reporting. You have to handle advertisers and directors. People are sending you their media kits every day and wanting you to interview them. So what kind of media kit do you throw away without a second glance? That sloppy, messy, overly “creative”, unprofessional ones. Which media kit do you keep? The classy, professional, well-organized, and helpful one that has all of the information in one easy place so that you can keep track of it and contact the person easily.

So that’s the media kit you like.

So, what kind of media kit are you sending out to advertisers? No advertiser is going to be tempted to buy ad time from a station that has a sloppy and unimpressive media kit. They’ll immediately assume that your programming has the same quality as your media kit. You have to sell your image to your advertisers. And you start to sell your image the minute an advertiser opens the envelope containing your media kit.

Convince advertisers by making a media kit that is straightforward, classy, well-organized, and professional. :Present everything they need to know – rates, special promotions, and submission deadlines – in a quality custom presentation folder.

But just because a presentation folder is professional doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have your personality. You’ve also got to sell your station’s personality. So personalize your presentation folder. A classy, high-quality presentation folder customized with your logo, color scheme, fonts, and with your contact information printed right on it presents an image of professionalism, detail-orientation, and high quality products that will convince advertisers to purchase ad space on your station.

Now there?s a great new company that?s focused on helping you get the custom presentation folders you need. It?s called The Folder Store, and can be found at The Folder Store allows you to design your own pocket folders online in minutes, choosing your folder look, paper, ink and foil colors, and even uploading your logo and other images to be printed on the folder.

And best of all, this is available at a fraction of the price others charge.

Check them out at and start designing your custom presentation folders today!

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